Everything You Need To Know About Kanye West’s “Yeezus”

Yeezus has arrived, people. It’s dark, brooding, and challenging, and there is not a pop song to be found on it.

1. It’s darker and weirder than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which was already a pretty complex album.

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2. It’s angry and sad, and his most challenging release to date.

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3. Daft Punk co-produced some of the most aggressive songs on the album, like “Black Skinhead” and “On Sight.”

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4. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon is also on it, singing on the ultra-melodic fifth track, “Hold My Liquor.”

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5. Frank Ocean appears on “New Slaves,” at the end of the song.

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6. There are a lot of dancehall sounds all over the album, keeping up with the samples used on “Mercy” last year.

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7. He’s brought back some of the Auto-Tune-dominated style of 2008’s 808s & Heartbreak, particularly on “Blood on the Leaves.” Really, that song is like every era of Kanye production at once.

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8. The album version of “New Slaves” is different than the SNL version, with a brighter, longer outro.

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9. The album’s closer is definitely Yeezus’ brightest song, and the only track on that sounds like anything remotely close to Graduation-era Kanye West.

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