Erykah Badu Tried To Kiss A News Anchor During A Live TV Broadcast

You know what they say, you never know when Erykah Badu might show up wearing a huge hat and try to kiss you.

1. PIX11′s Mario Diaz was finishing up a live report Friday when Erykah Badu spotted him.

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2. Badu started making hand motions at the camera and then tried to plant a kiss on Diaz.

3. At first on Twitter, Badu denied being the women in the video.

4. Later though, the two of them got to talking and finally set the record straight.

@fatbellybella #Btw my wife and 2-year-old were 20 yards away when it happened... She saw the roll up, you putting on hat & everything.

— Mario Diaz (@MarioPIX11)

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