Dear Overly Attached Girlfriend, Will You Go On A Date With Me?

It would be a lot of fun! We could go out for a bite to eat or see a movie. UPDATE: She responded!

1. Dear Overly Attached Girlfriend girl…

ID: 383487

2. I think you’re really cute!

ID: 383490

3. And I think Justin Bieber is a stupid jerk.

ID: 383492

4. I mean, truthfully, he’s probably pretty cool. But for this let’s just say he’s a jerk.

ID: 383498

5. And I think “Call Me Maybe” is the best song of our generation.

ID: 383501

6. You covered “Call Me Maybe”…

ID: 383513

7. I did too!

ID: 383503

8. I can’t afford to buy you a Kia Soul…

ID: 383509

9. But I can take you on a nice date!

ID: 382370

10. So, what do you say? Will you go on a date with me?

ID: 383539

11. UPDATE: SHE REPLIED! Thank you guys for all your help! We did it!

ID: 384312

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