A Lot Of People On Twitter Are Really Confused About Why Target Is Refrigerating Its Doritos

Let’s investigate this mystery, shall we?

1. Have you ever noticed that Target refrigerates its Doritos?

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3. It’s weird, right?

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5. If you go to Target, you’ll see bags of Doritos hanging out in the refrigerated food section with shredded cheese and ground beef.

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I'm at target and there's a bunch of bags of Doritos in the freezer section

— Brooke ✌️ (@brooke4811)
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7. The question, though, is WHYYYYYY?

Hey @Target, why do you refrigerate Doritos?

— Cedric (@Chickensalad222)
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Doritos are sold cold at Target in Waukesha County. I knew there was a reason the people out here vote differently.

— Jeramey Jannene (@compujeramey)
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9. What does it mean? What is Target trying to tell us about Doritos?

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10. Right now The Consumerist has the best two working theories about this bizarre phenomenon:

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11. Doritos may, in fact, be crunchier when kept at a lower temperature. And Target may also be trying to market what it calls a “walking taco.”

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12. Which is when you dump a whole bunch of nonsense in a Doritos bag and eat it like Frito pie.

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A representative for Target has confirmed for BuzzFeed that the fridge Doritos are part of its larger promotion for a walking taco. The cold-chips mystery has been solved.

ID: 2897465

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