Burger King Employee Fired For Taking A Photo Of Himself Lying On A Mountain Of Hamburger Buns

Also, the bucket.

1. @inotayuta was fired from his job at a Japanese Burger King for posting this photo online.

ID: 1457891

2. His account has since been deleted, but the photo went viral in Japan, causing users to flood Burger King with complaints.

ID: 1457929

3. People were furious an employee would lay on a pile of hamburger buns.

ID: 1458147

4. Also, this bucket is super gross.

ID: 1458148

5. The photo was posted on 2ch, one of Japan’s largest forums, and caused a massive uproar.

ID: 1457936

6. inotayuta’s account also had other photos of him goofing off in the Burger King’s kitchen.

ID: 1457911

7. Burger King Japan released a statement, stressing that the hamburger buns in the pictures were not served to customers.

ID: 1457954

8. According to Kotaku, Japanese Twitter users are now referring to the ex-employee as “Bakka King” or “Idiot King.”

ID: 1458001

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