Awesome Stuff When You Were A Kid: Expectations Vs. Reality

Aw, in the commercial it looked so much cooler!

1. The commercial comes on

2. You can almost taste it

3. And you decide you have to have it for dinner!

4. And then you finally get it and there’s only three chicken nuggets in it…

5. You’d know that mouse anywhere

6. Yes, Chuck E. Cheese is perfect!

7. It’s literally the most fun place on Earth

8. But then you get there and it’s empty and a bunch of games are broken…

9. On TV it looked so cool

10. You were going to build the world’s biggest pizza

11. You were going to go down in pizza making history

12. But they only gave you one packet of sauce…

13. You’re telling me Creepy Crawlers is a toy that makes more toys?

14. It’s an oven that makes bugs instead of food

15. Think of all the cool bugs you could make

16. Then it comes out of the oven like this…

17. No, you’re not falling for this one

18. Nope. No way. No kid could build that.

19. Ha, yeah sure, K’Nex

20. And this is as far as you ever got…

21. But there was one thing that never disappointed you

22. You got a cool toy

23. And you got to eat junk food your parents wouldn’t normally let you have

24. And you didn’t care that it looked gross, because it’s McDonald’s!

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