Awesome Stuff When You Were A Kid: Expectations Vs. Reality

Aw, in the commercial it looked so much cooler!

1. The commercial comes on

ID: 657385

2. You can almost taste it

ID: 657396

3. And you decide you have to have it for dinner!

ID: 657404

4. And then you finally get it and there’s only three chicken nuggets in it…

ID: 657409

5. You’d know that mouse anywhere

ID: 657521

6. Yes, Chuck E. Cheese is perfect!

ID: 657536

7. It’s literally the most fun place on Earth

ID: 657578

8. But then you get there and it’s empty and a bunch of games are broken…

ID: 657582

9. On TV it looked so cool

ID: 657478

10. You were going to build the world’s biggest pizza

ID: 657484

11. You were going to go down in pizza making history

ID: 657488

12. But they only gave you one packet of sauce…

ID: 657494

13. You’re telling me Creepy Crawlers is a toy that makes more toys?

ID: 657640

14. It’s an oven that makes bugs instead of food

ID: 657647

15. Think of all the cool bugs you could make

ID: 657659

16. Then it comes out of the oven like this…

ID: 657664

17. No, you’re not falling for this one

ID: 657725

18. Nope. No way. No kid could build that.

ID: 657771

19. Ha, yeah sure, K’Nex

ID: 657777

20. And this is as far as you ever got…

ID: 657780

21. But there was one thing that never disappointed you

ID: 657914

22. You got a cool toy

ID: 657920

23. And you got to eat junk food your parents wouldn’t normally let you have

ID: 657924

24. And you didn’t care that it looked gross, because it’s McDonald’s!

ID: 657935

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