Animals Obviously DJ The Best Dance Parties!

Animal DJs throw down the sickest beats and phattest jams. No contest.

1. This cat is learning a Daft Punk song

ID: 314981

2. This cat is spinning a really great deep house track

ID: 315003

3. These puppies are really into trance right now

ID: 314983

4. This dog hopes you’re ready for the bass drop

ID: 315005

5. These kittens are programming some sweet MIDI

ID: 314990

6. This dog is checking the EQ

ID: 315004

7. This squirrel is working on a really grimey dub track for the British club scene

ID: 315068

8. This kitten fell asleep programming ambient synth pads

ID: 314996

9. This cat is such a vinyl snob!

ID: 315153

10. This mouse is remixing the new Robyn track

ID: 314994

11. This turtle has a sweet mash-up coming along

ID: 315013

12. This cat is digging through old Kraftwerk records

ID: 315157

13. These kittens are looking through old soul samples for a hot break

ID: 315053

14. This dog has a great happy hardcre riff he’s trying out at the club tonight

ID: 315034

15. This mouse found the perfect riff for his new breakbeat track

ID: 315076

16. This chicken is working on an acid house track that will melt your ears

ID: 315121

17. This hedgehog fell asleep programming drums

ID: 315060

18. This lizard is making a remix of Gotye’s “Someone I Used To Know”

ID: 315140

19. This dog is ready to rave

ID: 315101

20. This cat just got back from one

ID: 315109

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