Alabama Politician Thinks A Fetus Is The Largest Organ In A Woman’s Body

Alabama representative Mary Sue McClurkin apparently does not understand the size or definition of organs.

1. Mary Sue McClurkin is a member of the Alabama House Of Representatives, which is set to vote on abortion legislation that would restrict access to clinics.

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2. When asked why she would vote to limit the ability for women in Alabama to get abortions, McClurkin gave an answer that’s left more than a few people confused:

“When a physician removes a child from a woman, that is the largest organ in a body,” McClurkin said in an interview Thursday. “That’s a big thing. That’s a big surgery. You don’t have any other organs in your body that are bigger than that.”

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3. Even if you accepted McClurkin’s definition of a fetus as an organ — which most experts would dispute — it wouldn’t be the largest internal organ.

And then there’s the skin, which is the largest external organ.

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4. The legislation McClurkin is promoting would most likely shut down the five remaining abortion clinics in Alabama as part of a larger “Personhood” anti-abortion movement.

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5. Ironically, McClurkin’s fetus-as-organ comment contradicts the Republican “Personhood” movement, which aims to grant full legal rights to zygotes.

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