According To This Map Of Swearing Habits, People In Ohio Curse More Than Anyone Else In The Country

You’re damn right.

According to mobile advertising technology company Marchex, Ohioians say things like “please” and “thank you” far less than residents of most other states and curse more than any other state in the union. Their results were pulled from a survey of 600,000 phone calls made over the last 12 months. Coming in second behind Ohio was Maryland.

Marchex’s survey found some other interesting tidbits about what we say on the phone:

• 66% of curses come from men
• The calls that contain the most cursing are more than 10 minutes long. So the longer someone is on the phone, the more likely that call is to devolve.
• Calls in the morning are twice as likely to produce cursing as calls in the afternoon or evening.

Here’s a breakdown of the most polite states, the top two most courteous states being South Carolina and North Carolina respectively.

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Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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