A News Station In Washington, D.C. Has Been Live-Tweeting A Block Of Ice Melting All Day

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1. This morning at approximately 11:26 a.m., a 300-pound block of ice was delivered to DuPont circle in Washington, D.C.

2. And then the reporters of Washington, D.C.’s WUSA9 had people guess how long it would take to melt.

4. And this woman kind of draped herself on it.

That's one way to beat the heat. Hugging this 300 lb block of ice at DuPont. @wusa9

5. All day long people were interviewed about how long the block of ice would take to melt.

6. Including this family from Vermont.

7. This is the block of ice around 1 p.m. Friday afternoon.

8. Rafael from Spain decided to lick it too.

All the way from Spain, Rafael is quenching his thirst with our ice block in DC @wusa9

9. Dang, that’s a big block of ice.

11. All day long, people posed for block of ice selfies.

12. After four hours of sun, the block of ice is still going. WUSA9 will air their block of ice coverage tonight at 5:45 p.m.

13. UPDATE: At approximately 5:21 p.m. the ice tragically broke.

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