A Man Paid $150 For Toy Poodles That Ended Up Actually Being Huge Ferrets


1. A man recently discovered the two extremely cheap toy poodles he had purchased at Argentina’s largest bazaar were actually ferrets. Two huge white ferrets.

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2. That looked like this:

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4. The man took his two new pets to a veterinarian to get their shots. The vet then revealed that his toy poodles were actually ferrets that had been given steroids since birth to make them look like poodles.

ID: 1052457

5. The undercover ferrets were purchased at La Salada, one of Argentina’s largest markets.

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6. A local news station looked into the story, and discovered that other customers have had similar experiences, buying what they thought were dogs that were actually huge ferrets.

ID: 1052451

7. So, if you’re ever traveling shopping in Argentina, just remember the animal on the left here is a dog, and the animal on the right is a ferret.

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9. UPDATE: A very smart person pointed out that The Simpsons already did this.

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