9 Insane Things On Diplo’s Concert Rider

The New York Post has a list of demands Diplo has given for his December 30th show with Afrojack. They are crazy.

1. “A Gorilla—Silverback is preferred, an orangutan is also acceptable.”

ID: 742817

2. One Malawi orphan.

ID: 742823

3. A parrot that is trained to say Diplo’s name.

ID: 742829

4. One arranged marriage (does not specify to whom).

ID: 742839

5. One dart board with Nicolas Cage’s face on it.

ID: 742862

6. One violin player (“to play while we eat our cheese plate”).

ID: 742873

7. Two inflatable animals (“bonus points for endangered or extinct species”).

ID: 742881

8. The third season of “Lost” (“on VHS tapes”).

ID: 742889

9. A 1983 Yak Face ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’ action figure (“new in package”).

ID: 742892

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