9 Bizarre Moments From Lady Gaga’s VMAs Performance

It wasn’t as weird as it could have been!

1. When it started and she wouldn’t open her eyes.

ID: 1554472

2. And then when she opened her eyes.

ID: 1554473

3. And then when she started walking around.

ID: 1554485

4. These two super-fierce backup dancers.

ID: 1554490

5. When she ran around with this ball.

ID: 1554497

6. When she had a mid-performance makeup fix.

ID: 1554503

7. When she hugged her wig.

ID: 1554505

8. When she busted out in seashells.

ID: 1554518

9. See? Not as weird as it could have been!

ID: 1554520

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