29 Reasons To Be Proud To Be ‘Murrican

‘Murrica: Home of giant French fry holders and the glorious land of butter and bacon.

1. Welcome to America.

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2. Where the people are proud of who they are.

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3. A land of resourceful inventors.

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4. And close, loving families.

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5. We love our food.

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6. Like really, really love our food.

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7. And food loves us.

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8. It’s a beautiful relationship.

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9. We have a badass mascot.

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10. And we’ve had a some pretty cool presidents.

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11. Sure, our military might get a little overzealous.

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12. And some of our citizens might be a little lazy.

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13. Alright, very lazy.

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14. OK, we get it.

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15. And a few of us might be rude.

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16. But we’re the Ron Swanson of countries.

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17. Some people think we’re pretty goofy.

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18. And sometimes we are.

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19. But sometimes following your dreams looks a little crazy.

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20. We’ve got some growing up to do, for sure.

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21. But even Canada messes up from time to time.

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22. So be proud to be an American.

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23. But not too proud.

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24. There’s no reason to be pushy.

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25. People already think we’re too aggressive.

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26. And too much of a good thing is annoying.

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27. Unless you’re this guy.

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28. Or this guy.

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29. God bless.

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