28 Things You Might Not Know About Blink-182

For instance, did you know that Travis Barker used to play under the stage name Baron Von Tito?

1. Their original band name was Blink, until an Irish band with the same name threatened them with a lawsuit.


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2. A popular theory is that the 182 comes from the amount of times the F-word is said in “Scarface,” but there’s a good chance it’s meaningless.


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3. Tom DeLonge believes in aliens and his favorite Blink-182 song, “Aliens Exist,” is about, well, the existence of aliens.

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“He reads a lot about it, he does a lot of studying on the internet, I know he’s gone out to Area 51 to try and see UFOs. And he believes that they’re there.” — Mark Hoppus

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4. Mark Hoppus used to be the only member in Blink-182 without any tattoos. He now has two wrist tattoos for his wife and daughter.


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5. Tom got expelled from school when he was about 15 for drinking at a basketball game.


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6. The song “Josie” was named after a neighbor’s dog.


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7. Their original drummer, Scott Raynor, was fired in 1998 because of his alcohol abuse.


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8. Travis Barker used to be the drummer for The Aquabats.


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9. Travis’ stage name in The Aquabats was Baron Von Tito.


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10. Before The Aquabats, Travis Barker was a garbage man.


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11. Mark wrote “Going Away to College” on Valentine’s Day after watching “Can’t Hardly Wait.”


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12. The distinctive riff of “Dammit” was created when Hoppus was forced to skip over the missing two strings on an acoustic guitar.


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13. Their song “Emo” is a tribute to one of DeLonge’s favorite bands, Jimmy Eat World.


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14. “What’s My Age Again” was originally titled “Peter Pan Complex.”


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15. “All The Small Things” was inspired by Tom’s favorite band, The Ramones.


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16. Tom has a split-second cameo in the ’90s horror movie “Idle Hands,” starring Devon Sawa and Seth Green.


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17. Mark, Tom, and Travis (and a monkey) all have a cameo in the first “American Pie” movie.

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18. Tom and Travis’ first side project, Box Car Racer, was named after “Bockscar,” the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki.


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19. “All The Small Things” was filmed on the same beach as One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

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20. Travis Barker and second wife Shanna Moakler had a “Nightmare Before Christmas”–themed wedding on Halloween.


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21. Other titles considered for “Enema of the State” were “Turn Your Head and Cough,” “Viking Wizard Eyes,” and “Blink-182: Electric Boogaloo.”


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22. Porn star Janine Lindemulder is the nurse on the cover of “Enema of the State.”


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23. (and this is what she looks like now…)


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24. When MCA Records executives came to hear new material while they were recording “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket,” the band only played these two gag songs:

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The record company executives were terrified.


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25. Their self-titled album was their first album without joke songs.


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26. The opening of “Asthenia” uses real NASA transmissions from the Apollo 9 space flight.


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27. Mark and Travis’ side-project +44 took their name from the international dialing code in the U.K., where they started the project.


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28. The band announced this week that they’re releasing a Christmas album next month. They’ve done two Christmas songs before.

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