25 Reasons I Really Want To Hang Out With Tyler, The Creator

Say what you will about his music, but he just seems like he’d be a blast to hang out with.

1. Look at him hanging out with Frank Ocean and a corn on the cob.

ID: 1027061

2. Or doing a silly pose with Demi Lovato.

ID: 1027086

3. He just seems like a pretty chill dude.

ID: 1027058

4. Whether hes rocking a mustache…

ID: 1027040

5. …Or being exactly correct about how horrible lettuce is.

ID: 1027087

6. He just seems like a guy that would really open up to you.

ID: 1027167

7. And yeah, he’s kind of weird.

ID: 1027137

8. And might use a few too many cuss words.

ID: 1032793

9. But he understands the importance of a good selfie.

ID: 1027111

10. And obviously has his priorities straight.

ID: 1027223

11. And a good sense of humor about being mistaken for Will Smith.

ID: 1027198

12. He’s got some pretty controversial thoughts about Wiz Khalifa.

ID: 1027203

13. But he knows exactly how to deal with meeting Donald Trump.

ID: 1027144

14. He, also, understands the difference between his controversial lyrics and his real-life friendship with openly bisexual Frank Ocean.

ID: 1033192

15. At the end of the day, he just seems like a swaggy dude.

ID: 1027159

16. Also, his Formspring is super interesting (yeah, he uses Formspring still, weird right?).

ID: 1027211

18. He’s just one of those dudes you want to hang out with.

ID: 1027784

19. And you know if stuff gets weird he’s got your back.

ID: 1027231

20. Plus, he likes cats…

ID: 1027176

21. …And has impecable taste in television.

ID: 1027470

22. (Note: Adventure Time birthday cake)

ID: 1027686

23. Also, he might be one of those celebrities that is actually immortal.

ID: 1027692

24. Basically, Tyler, The Creator seems like a pretty cool dude.

ID: 1027716

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