23 Vicious And Masterful Atheist Takedowns

WARNING: This post is not for religious people!

1. Yeah, Christians, have any of you even read “The God Delusion,” well, have you?

ID: 979714

2. Ha, just like Lost, I guess you could say that Christianity is GOING NO WHERE! Ha!

ID: 979672

3. In atheist church, we could watch Star Wars whenever we want.

ID: 979833


ID: 979676

5. No popes ever again. Science bless us all.

ID: 979684

6. And what’s the deal with all these Cardinals, amirite? It’s like Mortal Kombat.

ID: 979769

7. Just like Mortal Kombat!

ID: 979686

8. [Atheists 1, Christians 0]

ID: 979689

9. You, tell ‘em bear.

ID: 979690

10. Did you feel that? That massive truth bomb that this Facebook status just dropped.

ID: 979692

11. And what’s the deal with all the voting anyways?

ID: 979722

12. It might be hard to read the text on this image, but it’s not hard to feel the sting of this sweet burn.

ID: 979726

13. [Atheists 2, Christians 0]

ID: 979729

14. Yeah, scumbag smoke, which is worse for the planet, smoke or Catholics? Ha Ha. Take that.

ID: 979734

15. If it wasn’t for the Vatican, we probably be living on Mars by now, right guys?

ID: 979739

16. Hugh Hefner is cooler than the pope, that’s a FACT.

ID: 979752

17. [Atheists 3, Christians 0]

ID: 979778

18. Yeah religious Facebook status, where are the bears? Show me the bears.

ID: 979783

19. Burn religion and stuff.

ID: 979794

20. Pedo-Bear is hilarious lol

ID: 979875

21. Even Google is an atheist, check and mate Christians.

ID: 979798

22. Pope? Or Eye of Sauron? Mind blown.

ID: 979878

23. In conclusion: Church sucks, the internet rules. Praise atheism!

ID: 979790

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