23 Of The Most "Unflattering" Instagrams From Beyoncé’s World Tour

Just because she doesn’t want people to take derpy photos of her performing doesn’t mean people aren’t going to do it anyways.

1. Beyoncé has banned outside photographers from her Mrs. Carter Show world tour, which has ruffled more than a few feathers.

3. Instead, Beyoncé’s team will be giving publications “pre-approved” photos, provided by her management.

5. The National Press Photographers Association sees it as a way for Beyoncé’s team to literally control her image.

LMAOOO GET IT BEY RT @TheMCSWT: Beyoncé yesterday on stage in London. (by: @GoodieBey)— harry | tomorrow

Beyonce 30.04.2013 #diva #love #london @BeyonceDiario @TheBeyonceWorld

— Ana G. (@Anni_GM)

Beyonce 30.04.2013 #diva #love #london @BeyonceDiario @TheBeyonceWorld— Ana G.

7. Basically, when publications want to cover her tour, they’d have to use images that Beyoncé’s team vets.

9. Because she doesn’t want anyone to use a photo that she would think makes her look bad.

13. She does a lot of intense choreography and if you were to catch her at the wrong time.

15. In the middle of a weird motion.

17. It might look funny.

19. But everyone loves Beyoncé! And everybody looks silly sometimes in a photograph. It’s not like it’s on purpose.

21. But in a world where everyone has a camera in their pocket…

23. …Beyoncé can only fight the derp for so long.

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