20 Things That Count As A Sandwich Whether You Like It Or Not

Next time a sandwich fascist tells you something isn’t a sandwich, you can just tell them to shut up.

It’s 2013, people. Maybe it’s time we abandon our puritanical beliefs about what is and isn’t a sandwich.

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1. We have to open our minds to a wider definition of sandwich: like a hamburger.

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2. Or an open-faced sandwich, like a reuben.

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3. Hot dogs = two sides of bread with meat and filling.

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4. KFC’s Doubledown doesn’t have bread, you say? THE FRIED CHICKEN IS BREADED.

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5. Tacos: See hot dog.

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6. The Donut Breakfast Sandwich counts too because last time I checked donuts were made of bread and bacon is meat.

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7. Calzones are basically just fancy grilled cheeses.

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8. Wraps are controversial, because they’re horrible, but they are, in fact, a sandwich.

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9. And burritos are just cooler wraps that you actually want to eat.

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10. Ice cream sandwiches of both the cookie and bar varieties count.

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11. Same with a panini (or any food in the flatbread genus).

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12. A quesadilla is just a Mexican panini.

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13. Subs, hoagies, and heros (or whatever you call this thing) obviously count.

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14. And you may think Philly cheesesteaks are special, but they’re sandwiches too.

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15. Gyros?

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16. Pita pockets? Yes, absolutely.

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17. Eggy toast: controversial for sure, but definitely has enough sandwich elements to be included.

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18. Empanadas are just smaller calzones.

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19. Monte Cristos may be deep-fried, but they’re also sandwiches.

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20. And lastly, Hot Pockets, because they’re just empanadas for lazy people.

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Welcome to the new era of sandwich-dom.

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