18 Instagrams Taken In Syria In The Last Month

The internet was turned off in Syria on Tuesday. While it’s tough to verify which recent Instagrams were actually taken on the ground in Syria and which photos are fake, these photos were all geotagged to locations in Syria over the last month.

1. The following photos are come from accounts that have been geotagged to cities in Syria.

ID: 1147803

3. The two largest centers of Instagram activity have been Damascus and Aleppo.

ID: 1147815

5. According to real-time traffic reports, the government has shut off Internet connection for much of the country.

ID: 1147818

7. These photos all have a publish date from the last month.

ID: 1147838

9. Giving outsiders a unique and intimate idea of what life in Syria has been like over the last month.

ID: 1147841

11. Internet for the country was shut off some time around 3:00 p.m. Tuesday.

ID: 1147845

13. The last time the country went into an Internet blackout was November of 2012.

ID: 1147862

15. As the blackout continues, many Syrian activists will have to resort to cellular connections to report out what’s happening on the ground.

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