17 Very Misguided People Who Just Ate The World’s Spiciest Pepper

These poor souls decided to eat a scorpion pepper, which has a hilarious, creeping burn that is apparently the worst thing in the whole world.

1. The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper is the spiciest pepper in the world.

ID: 1065011

2. It’s from Trinidad and Tobago but you can pick up dried Scorpion Peppers on Amazon.

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3. On the Scoville heat scale, the Scorpion Pepper registers a whopping 1.2 million units.

ID: 1065034

4. That’s 10,000 times spicier than Tabasco sauce, by the way.

ID: 1065045

5. Because of its legendary reputation as the spiciest thing in the world, a lot of people like to eat them on YouTube.

ID: 1065062

6. And when some poor soul decides to munch down on this demon pepper, the same thing always happens.

ID: 1065071

7. Nothing at first.

ID: 1065121

8. Most people taste a mildly spicy, fruity flavor and a waxy texture.

ID: 1065155

9. And then about 15 seconds later, a burning sensation like you wouldn’t believe.

ID: 1065177

10. Also, you get really painful hiccups.

ID: 1065252
ID: 1065264

12. And a disgusting amount of drool.

ID: 1065280

13. Milk helps, also some people use ice cream, yogurt, bread, or tomatoes to try and cut down on the acidity.

ID: 1065622

14. But for the most part, you’re basically shit out of luck if you eat one these bad boys.

ID: 1065647

15. This crazy lunatic ate two right in a row.

ID: 1065704

16. If you’re thinking about growing some, all you need are some seeds. They grow pretty well in North American climates.

ID: 1065736

17. You kind of want to try it, don’t you?

ID: 1065755

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