10 Conspiracy Theories People Are Already Circulating About The Washington Navy Yard Shooting

If you come across any of these today, assume they are unverified and most likely false.

1. That the media is covering up how bad the shooting actually was.

3. That al-Qaeda is behind the shooting.

7. Or that it’s a straight-up false flag operation.

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9. That actors were on HLN’s newscast this morning lying about being involved in the attack.

From the YouTube description, explaining that the two men laughing in the beginning of the video were plants.

False Flag”Dc Shooting’ ‘Shooting Navy’ ‘navy Shooting’ ‘Navy Yard Shooting’ ‘Shooting Navy Yard’ Shooting at Navy Yard Shooting Witness False Flag Actors Staged ? Fatalities Terrifying Actors Staged ? Fatalities Terrifying
Laughing it up during a Terrifying Moment? Strange weird !

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