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    • rwhitman

      The kid in this post was never diagnosed as mentally ill by anyone other than the mother. The author even mentioned that she’s had him tested for a variety of disorders and taken antipsychotics with no results. The mother is the one who branded him as ‘mentally ill’, she’s the one very publicly equating her own barely teenaged son to a potential mass murderer, the one trying to commit him at a hospital when he reacts aggressively, the one who has a blog where she talks about a very broken home and openly fantasizes about abusing and abandoning her children.  This entire article is skewed to this mother’s particular perspective. As a reader, please take that into account before you start formulating your opinions.

    • rwhitman

      I’d say you’re grafting too much social import onto Grimes’s music and aesthetic than it warrants. UltimatelyIthink she’s gaining popularity 1) because she hasabeautiful voice, the type that very rarely stays out of the mainstream bubblegum pop arena for long, 2) she’s latched onto this sort of quirky art school dropout naivety that still feels very genuine and 3) with the latest record she’s balanced on this uncorrupted razors edge between avante garde electronica and pop thatIthink people find novel.  The suggestion that her lyrics are some sort of generational calling cardIfind bizarre, considering that her lyrics are such simple “baby baby” lines and so deeply swamped in reverb and delay that they’reapractically indiscernible as sonic texture gibberish. If there’s some sort of message in there no one’s going to understand it. I’ve listened to “Visions” probably 30 times now andIhave no idea WTF she’s singing If her art is supposed to have some sort of impactIdon’t see it either-while the Oblivion video was really beautiful visually it didn’t hit on anything particularly new asatheme and her other work just seems like an art school graduation portfolio. There was some sort of commentary in the Genesis video that hintsareaction to lady gaga’s pop masquerading as avante garde butIwould say its nearly as shallow (and certainly more boring) than the Die Antwoord take on the subject.  In reality think the most groundbreaking part of Grime’s success today is just the fact that she’safemale solo electronic act that’s makingareal mark-there’s actually beenabit ofaglass ceiling there thatIdon’t think most folks are totally aware of. If you look at other popular female-fronted electronic acts, all haveaman in the background on stage pushing the buttons, but Grimes seems generally in 100% control of her production and performance which isapretty big deal.  She makes pretty music and broke some feminist boundaries, but the voice ofanew generation?Idoubt it