12 Things Guys Do Before A First Date

No one wants to admit it, but we all do it. And for a truly great first date, offer her some Ruffles®. That’ll really seal the deal.

1. Try not to panic! It’s only a first date!

OK! It’s going to be fine. BREATHE!

2. Get in a quick last-minute workout to kill the nerves!

3. Definitely take a long shower before going out…

4. …or at least a “body spray shower.”

5. Shave the old face…

…and don’t forget to manscape.


6. Take at least five selfies.

7. Definitely pick out the right pair of undies.

AliExpress/Wikipedia/Buzzfeed / Via aliexpress.com / en.wikipedia.org

You never know what might happen later! Rawr!

8. Take a moment to do a little Facebook research on your date…

9. …but try not to get distracted, otherwise it could lead to some other “activity.”

Like toning your triceps!

10. Put on the coolest threads in the closet!


Gotta be at your best!

11. Take a shot of something strong on the way out the door.

12. And, finally, walk out the door with confidence, because tonight is gonna rule.

If you want a 100% success rate, practice your seductive wink.

And for Ruff’s sake, grow a mustache.

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