John Kerry Is Really Good At Twitter

The next Secretary of State is surprisingly candid in his Twitter feed. Some shameless Mitt Romney takedowns. posted on

His early tweets were a little random:

Flight home to Boston in a few minutes. Long week and my aunt has a 93rd birthday party tomorrow.

good talk with TBPickens today – let’s pass the darned bill!

ever notice how repub tlkg heads spin company line while dems get all analytical? Me 2

rode 60 miles at crack o dawn – but holy dogs now the pressure’s on!!" target="_blank">">

But then we learned he really loves Mad Men:

.@MadMen_AMC" target="_blank">">@MadMen_AMC just rang opening bell? glad almost back

Mad Men and Dunkin Donuts:

got hard copy of @Newsweek" target="_blank">">@Newsweek w @MadMen_AMC" target="_blank">">@MadMen_AMC ,love the vintage ads incl @DunkinDonuts" target="_blank">">@DunkinDonuts ad" target="_blank">">

at dunkin donuts here in boca/feels like I'm at home in MA" target="_blank">">

And trash-talking the Yankees:

Hey Yanks fans: red sox lost opening day 2004 and how'd that work out for ya?

But his speciality — trash-talking Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan:

well gov, the state isn't proud of you, you can't even compete in MA

Reporter asked me if I'm glad Bobby V gone, if in-character, as Mitt mighta said, I love firing people

4 petes sake/runnin 4 office can't have illegals - oops sorry I was still in-character as Mitt

just received this one – pretty funny!" target="_blank">">

debate was commander in chief vs campaigner in confusion, President O won cc: @stefcutter" target="_blank">">@stefcutter @davidaxelrod" target="_blank">">@davidaxelrod @jrpsaki" target="_blank">">@jrpsaki @BenLaBolt" target="_blank">">@BenLaBolt

wasn't joking when I said I'd need exorcism post-debate tonight after months playing Mitt Romney cc: @stefcutter" target="_blank">">@stefcutter" target="_blank">">

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