The “Jurassic Park” Dinosaur Power Rankings Lead The Daily Links

Plus the oddly cute sound spaceships make when they dock, Game of Thrones house sigils for websites, and puppies just because.

All dinosaurs are not created equal. This flock of Parasaurolophuses does VERY poorly on Vulture’s ranking of every dino in Jurassic Park from worst to first.

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They say that in space, no one can hear you scream. But they never said anything about the funny little sound space shuttles make when they dock, which you can listen to at The Atlantic Tech.

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Remember how Dr. Robotnik tried to replace all the animals with robots in Sonic 2? Well guess what: Betabeat reports that a few companies are working on the same thing right now.

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If Twitter were a house in Game of Thrones, this is what its sigil would look like. (Slogan: “Dark Wings, Dumb Words.”) Check out all 12 sigils that CollegeHumor made for the internet.

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There’s a song stuck in your head and it’s driving you insane. Quick, read The Week’s advice on how to get rid of it!

Photo by Yuri Arcurs courtesy of Shutterstock

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And now for something completely and totally insane: A supercut of all the howling fat men in the Coen brothers movies, courtesy of Filmdrunk.

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