The Robbery-At-Gunpoint Play Set Leads The Afternoon Links

Appropriate for ages already convicted and up.

1. Um.

Read all about this terrible idea at the Daily Mail.

ID: 878069

2. What really stupid thing did Al Capone once do at the end of a round of golf?


See The Week for details.

ID: 879054


Learn everything you need to know about your smoky new overlord at the Huffington Post.

ID: 878428

4. So it turns out that Latin is still totally useful.

It’s true! The proof is at Intelligencer.

ID: 878290

5. Professor John Galliano?

Jacques Brinon, file / AP

Sure why not. Story at Page Six.

ID: 878395

6. There are definite perks to being an ex-Pope, you know.

Osservatore Romano / Reuters

Get the rundown at The Daily Beast.

ID: 878465

7. Mollycoddle! Muckraker! Nature-faker!

And 8 other words and phrases popularized by Teddy Roosevelt, courtesy of mental_floss. BULLY!

ID: 878529

8. Where does your city rank on the iPhone Index?

Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

Figure out where you’d like to move at The Fiscal Times.

ID: 878935

9. Remember it fondly.

Because as Newser reports, Maker’s Mark is about to get watered down.

ID: 878992

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