Bird Poop Facials Leads The Daily Links

Plus 8 movie stars as Smurfs, the most beautiful old paperbacks in the world, and South Africa’s baboon problem.

Mary Altaffer / AP

Bird poop facials: They’re a thing. - [Gothamist]

Is there anything quite like the look or feel of a beautiful old paperback? Check out these 21 vintage Penguin paperbacks in beautiful, bookworm-friendly settings. - [Flavorwire]

Apartment buildings in South Africa are under siege by aggressive baboons. This does not sound fun. - [Daily Mail]

George Washington University apparently has “a not totally undeserved rep for being a rich kid’s school.” But that doesn’t mean all the students there know how to tip. - [BroBible]

8 movie stars as Smurfs: This is either very cute or very disturbing. - [NextMovie]

Today in signs that technology is going too far: There are now toilets that can be hacked. - [The Atlantic Tech]

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