The Dwarf Foxes Who Kicked Extinction’s Ass Lead The Daily Links

Plus 33 things that Fast & Furious 6 is actually about, the easiest way to smell like a firefighter, and the Amanda Bynes bong question.

Up until a few years ago, dwarf island foxes were on the verge of extinction. Now, though, they’re making an incredible recovery. - [Treehugger]

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Fast & Furious 6 is about cars, right? Of course not. It’s about these 33 things. - [Vulture]

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The Amanda Bynes question no one has asked yet: Could she have killed someone by throwing a bong out a 36th-floor window? - [Slate]

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You might never have a firefighter’s body. But thanks to a new cologne, you can at least smell like one. - [Newser]

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Commander Chris Hadfield, the Mars rover, galaxy-print leggings: No doubt about it, space is having a moment. - [Betabeat]

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Meet Ryan Wang. He’s five years old, and he’s already played the piano at Carnegie Hall. - [Daily Mail]

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Golfer Roman Bechu is really good at golf club tricks. He is really, really good at golf club tricks. - [WithLeather]

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Is Mad Men’s Megan Draper going to be murdered? According to one fascinating theory, the answer is yes. - [Warming Glow]

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