The Incredible Cool Of Young Michael Caine Leads The Evening Links

Plus Ukrainian attack dolphins, pandas doing their thing, and Steve Urkel’s family tree.

Fact: Michael Caine is one of the coolest dudes who’s ever lived. LIFE has 20 indisputable pieces of evidence.

YouTube courtesy of Uproxx

Have you ever thought about the music video for Britney Spears’ “Toxic”? Like, really, really thought about it? Uproxx has.

Photo by Tokyo Zoo Net courtesy of RocketNews24

In what world can an animal as adorable as a panda ever be called “TRASHY”? RocketNews24 has something pretty weird to tell you.

Photo by Martin Rietze courtesy of Flavorwire

No, this isn’t a scene from a disaster movie: It’s the Japanese volcano Sakurajima erupting last month. Check out more spectacularly crazy photos at Flavorwire.

Michael Buckner for SXSW / Getty Images

Filming Spring Breakers wasn’t exactly what Selena Gomez expected. Refinery29 had a word with her at SXSW.

Steve Urkel is just one in a long line of great TV nerds. Revisit this glorious history at Vulture.

Photo by Kevin Fox courtesy of The Atlantic

What kind of guy grows up to hammer nails into his face? Meet Todd Robbins at The Atlantic.

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