The "Full House" Guide To Hair Care Leads The Daily Links

Plus bad news for the Easter bunny, Kai the Hatchet Hitchhiker’s surf trip, and all the times Fresh Prince broke the fourth wall.

So you want to use mousse but you don’t want to look like Kimmy Gibler. These Full House GIFs will guide you to glory.

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What if getting a gun were as easy as clicking “print”? This haunting documentary explores just that question.

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Bad news, everyone. According to noted financial analyst Conan O’Brien, economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter bunny’s step this year.

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Remember Kai the Homeless Hatchet Hitchhiker? He got that surf trip he wanted.

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Let’s face it: Rihanna probably won’t be at your funeral. But thanks to a new service called “Rent a Mourner,” you can make sure that lots of other people will be.

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Sheng Li / Reuters

Does the idea of robots serving you all your meals weird you out? You’d better start getting used to it.

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By now we’re pretty used to sitcoms breaking the fourth wall. But when Fresh Prince did it back in the day, it gave us all a lot to think about.

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Bill Gates is offering $1 million to whoever comes up with the best way to improve the condom. But as this brief history shows, we’ve already come pretty far.

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Vivek Prakash / Reuters

Celebrations of Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, are just beginning. And as these photos show, it’s as gorgeous a holiday as you could possibly imagine.

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