The Guy Who Got 41 ‘Seinfeld’ References Into A Sports Broadcast Leads The Daily Links

Plus a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Daenerys’ dragons on Game of Thrones, new research into the relationship between testicle size and parenting, and Justin Bieber’s unsettling creepstache.

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Louisville sports anchor Adam Leftkoe is a big-time Seinfeld fan. So he managed to work 41 REFERENCES TO THE SHOW into a single broadcast. - [BroBible]

There’s no especially polite way to put this: According to new research, men with bigger balls care less about their children. - [Motherboard]

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Today in “not making this up”: Three teenaged exorcists are trying to save the world from the Harry Potter books. - [Daily Mail]


How does Game of Thrones make Daenerys’ dragons? The totally fascinating answer involves tennis balls on sticks, geese, and other stuff. - [Wired]

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Is there anything quite like U.S. Open tennis? The grace. The power. The completely absurd facial expressions. - [The Week]

Feel like blowing $100K? Consider buying this Pokemon card. - [Betabeat]

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Justin Bieber has a new mustache. And when you look at it up close, it really is kind of upsetting. - [The Cut]

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