The Frog Of Your Nightmares Leads The Daily Links

Plus the writers of Full House, six very dedicated prank artists, and a koala in a Hawaiian shirt.

You know how Wolverine from the X-Men can make claws burst out of his skin? Um, SO CAN THIS FROG.

ID: 1023485

This is a koala wearing a Hawaiian shirt. But he’s just one of many animals modeling trendy human clothes.

ID: 1024644

Full House is one of the most beloved TV shows ever. Meet the writers who made it happen.

ID: 1024867

Proud of the April Fools’ jokes you’re planning? You ain’t got NOTHING on these six people.

ID: 1025051

Sure, regular graffiti can be cool. But 3D graffiti is SO much cooler.

ID: 1025096

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