Dude Enjoying The Hell Out Of The Subway Leads The Daily Links

Plus financial advice from Justin Bieber, the stunning beauty of salt mines, and 11 rejected Canadian flag designs.

Has anyone ever had more fun on the subway than this guy? No. Definitely not. - [Daily Intelligencer]

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Gero Breloer / AP

Justin Bieber recently had a monkey confiscated at the airport. So clearly he’s the perfect choice to be a spokesman for responsiblity. - [The Week]

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Every meme ever in one jam-packed poster: This is pretty glorious. - [CollegeHumor]

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Arko Datta / Reuters

Salt mines might not sound like much fun to look at. But actually, they can be mind-blowingly beautiful. - [The Atlantic]

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Remember Ariana Richards, the girl from Jurassic Park? She’s an impressionist painter now. What are all the other child stars of your youth up to? - [Hollywood]

Photos by Universal Pictures and Ariana.org courtesy of Hollywood.com

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The Canadian flag may not be worth going too crazy over. But it sure is better than these rejected alternatives. - [mental_floss]

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John Moore / Getty Images

The U.S.-Mexico border is not exactly the most romantic place in the world. But for one couple, the middle of the Rio Grande was the best possible choice for their wedding. - [Newser]

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Nina Leen—Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine a world without teenagers. But these photos date back to a time when people were still trying to figure out what the teen years were for. - [LIFE]

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