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15 Signs That BuzzFeed’s Sunday Stories Newsletter Is Perfect For You

Finding something amazing to read doesn’t have to be so hard.

1. You love reading well-written narrative journalism.

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2. There’s no way you’d rather pass the time during your commute…

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3. While away the hours on a cross-country flight…

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4. Or spend a quiet Sunday morning at home.

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5. But you don’t always have time to keep up with all the magazines and digital longform publishers you love…

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6. Or to sift through everything on the internet looking for a hidden gem.

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7. But each week our editors curate the best feature stories from BuzzFeed and the web, and every Sunday they’ll send you exactly what you love to read:

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8. Stories that give you depth or perspective…

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9. Transport you to a part of the globe you’ve never seen…

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10. Teach you about a pressing issue with which you weren’t familiar…

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11. Or introduce you to someone whose story you’ve never heard.

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12. And now, whether you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day…

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13. Spending a summer afternoon at the beach…

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14. Or just looking to pass some time…

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15. You’ll never, ever be without something wonderfully immersive to read.

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