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15 Signs That BuzzFeed’s Sunday Stories Newsletter Is Perfect For You

Finding something amazing to read doesn’t have to be so hard.

1. You love reading well-written narrative journalism.

2. There’s no way you’d rather pass the time during your commute…

3. While away the hours on a cross-country flight…

4. Or spend a quiet Sunday morning at home.

5. But you don’t always have time to keep up with all the magazines and digital longform publishers you love…

6. Or to sift through everything on the internet looking for a hidden gem.

7. But each week our editors curate the best feature stories from BuzzFeed and the web, and every Sunday they’ll send you exactly what you love to read:

8. Stories that give you depth or perspective…

9. Transport you to a part of the globe you’ve never seen…

10. Teach you about a pressing issue with which you weren’t familiar…

11. Or introduce you to someone whose story you’ve never heard.

12. And now, whether you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day…

13. Spending a summer afternoon at the beach…

14. Or just looking to pass some time…

15. You’ll never, ever be without something wonderfully immersive to read.

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