9 Videos You Can’t Miss This Week

Featuring the nun who nailed an Alicia Keys song on Italy’s The Voice, an amazingly entertaining Japanese gum commercial, and the theory that Bradley Cooper’s sole purpose in life is to prove Louis C.K. wrong.

1. If Women’s Roles In Ads Were Played By Men

You’ve never seen commercials like these before. Sex appeal sure does look different when you turn it around. (1:39)

3. An Insanely Delightful Japanese Gum Commercial

What’s so great about this ad for Japanese chewing gum brand Lotte? Two words: GIANT CAT. (0:16)

5. Meet The Future Best Big Brother Ever

Logan’s parents asked him to read a list of things he’ll do this year. His reaction when he realizes one of them is becoming a big brother will make you melt. (0:37)

Video available at:

7. The Nun Who Blew The World Away On “The Voice”

You might not expect to see a nun performing on The Voice. But Sister Cristina Scuccia sang an Alicia Keys song on the Italian version of the show this week and absolutely killed it. (8:20)

9. The Most Fun A Dog’s Ever Had

This dog isn’t allowed on the bed. So its owner installed a hidden camera to see what happens when he leaves. (2:07)

11. Does Bradley Cooper’s Entire Career Exist To Prove Louis C.K. Wrong?

Louis C.K. once declared that no acting student asking Sean Penn questions on Inside the Actors Studio would ever be famous themselves. Um, he might want to ask Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper about that. (1:49)

13. A Grizzly Bear Tries To Eat A GoPro

Ever wonder what it would look like to be on the receiving end of a grizzly’s jaws? This GoPro footage taken by Brad Josephs is SO COOL. (1:20)

15. A Pregnancy In Adorable Time Lapse

Tom Fletcher from McFly and his wife Giovanna took a photo of her pregnancy every day. Then they made this unbelievably cute time-lapse video set to an original song. (3:09)

17. Guys Attempt To Do Their Girlfriends’ Makeup

Every relationship starts with a good foundation. But that foundation probably shouldn’t be applied by a guy. (1:44)

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