9 Haunting Before-And-After Photos Of Sandy’s Devastation

The U.S. Geological Survey has released a series of aerial photos showing Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the Atlantic coastline.

1. Mantoloking, New Jersey

The yellow arrows indicate reference points for comparison of the photos.

ID: 689250

2. Neponsit, New York

ID: 689168

3. Long Branch, New Jersey

ID: 689228

4. Seaside Heights, New Jersey

ID: 689257

5. Ocean Bay Park, Fire Island, New York

ID: 689290

6. Mantoloking, New Jersey

ID: 689253

7. Bridgehampton, New York

ID: 689317

8. Brigantine, New Jersey

ID: 689277

9. Seaside Heights, New Jersey

ID: 689272

You can see more photos of the New York coastline here and of the New Jersey coastline here. Photo pairs from other states ranging from North Carolina to Massachusetts will be made available as the USGS’s assessment of the damage continues.

ID: 689417 / Via

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