24 Tiny Turtles Who Need A Reality Check Lead The Daily Links

Plus a mashup of Anchorman and “Thrift Shop,” the 10 types of Facebook statuses that make you undateable, and gratuitous Lil Bub.

These 24 tiny turtles don’t take life nearly seriously enough. Time for a reality check, li’l guys. - [HuffPost Comedy]

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Ain’t no selfie like a Bill Clinton selfie. Man, that guy always seems to be having the time of his life. - [Funny or Die]

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This is footage of someone hanging from a construction crane by one hand. It is absolutely terrifying. - [The Atlantic Cities]

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Listening to music sure is a great way to unwind, isn’t it? According to one new study, it’s actually just as good as having sex. - [YourTango]

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You know, at some point, it’s enough with Lil Bub. Hahahahahaha no. - [Refinery29]

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Dating tips from Kelly Kapowski herself? *swoon* - [Warming Glow]

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Today in “random but awesome”: This mashup of Anchorman and “Thrift Shop.” - [NextMovie]

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Attention people of Facebook: If you ever want to get a date, these 10 types of statuses are a really bad idea. - [Nerve]

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