17 Haunting Dioramas Of A Post-Apocalyptic World Lead The Daily Links

Plus a behind-the-scenes look at the Breaking Bad writers’ room, the beautiful miracle of hangover-free beer, and an interview with an erotic hypnotist.

Lori Nix / Via fastcodesign.com

It’s hard to imagine a world without us in it. But if you’d like to try, check out these 17 haunting dioramas of a post-apocalyptic world. - [Co.Design]

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Can’t get enough Breaking Bad? Then you’ll absolutely love this look inside the writers’ room, including a glimpse at storylines that weren’t pursued. - [Warming Glow]

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Reuters / Pichi Chuang / Via theweek.com

Today in very random narcissism: There’s a café in Taiwan that will print your photo on latte foam. - [The Week]

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AP Photo / The Weinstein Company, Anne Marie Fox, File

By now you might have heard that Lee Daniels’ The Butler had no less than 41 producers. But have you tried figuring out what each of them actually did? - [NextMovie]

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Love beer but hate the hangover? Then send a thank-you card to Australia. - [Salon]

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The White House via Twitter, Flickr / Via theatlanticwire.com

The Obama family just got another dog. So naturally, there are already conspiracy theories. - [The Atlantic Wire]

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Did you know that “erotic hypnotists” are a thing? Meet one here. - [Nerve]

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There are lots of great places to work out. The subway isn’t one of them. - [Gothamist]

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