9 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Joanna Kennedy

Vote Joanna Kennedy for #Forbes30Marketing

1. She can recite every line of mean girls

2. She’s a natural redhead, and they might be extinct soon.

3. She knows all the words to *Nsync’s It Makes Me Ill

4. …and also to A$AP Rocky’s F**kin’ Problems

5. She has strong opinions, especially when it comes to Taylor Swift

6. She eats a lot of sushi but has never gotten mercury poisoning.

7. She’s been known to pretend to be social networks

8. As a snapchat artist, she has some pretty great creations.

9. So help her make #Forbes30Marketing

Search RPA & vote Joanna Kennedy at http://www.forbes.com/special-report/2013/30-under-30-readers-submissions.html

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