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    • royallycool

      Just wanna say that this is my opinion and my answers to the questions; this is not a generalization of teens from all over the world.
      1. Why are you all so cool? Why wasn’t I that cool when I was a teenager?
      I’m not that cool and idk why weren’t you that cool? You should be asking yourself that. Also Buzzfeed is pretty cool!
      2. What is ~cool~ now?
      Using quotation marks not squiggly lines and I guess recently Coachella.
      3. Who is ~cool~ now? Like who are your favorite celebrities?
      The Jenners, Gigi Hadid, Ansel Elgort, Taylor Swift… My favorites are probably Kanye West, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and Zella Day
      4. Is it fun being a teenager in this era?
      YES, everything is changing and technology hasn’t been this evolving this rapidly since a few decades ago.
      5. How old is “old?” 21, 22?
      I mean isn’t like 30 the new 20, 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40, and etc…So idk I guess when you have grand-kids you’re “old”. But I don’t actually call a person old unless its a joke, like c’mon you have to have some decency.
      6. Why are you all obsessed with the 90s?
      Fashion trends from the 90’s is popular again, a lot of TV shows are taking place in the 90’s and the music is pretty good. Oh and I was born in the 90’s so I like the decade I was born despite the fact that I don’t remember a thing about it.
      7. Do you call yourself a 90s kid if you were born in 1999?
      If I do its a joke or I’ll say that for my year of birth, I won’t actually say that I had my childhood in the 90’s because that’s inaccurate.
      8. Do you even have an email address anymore? Other than to register for things.
      Yes, you need that for school, for sales , and etc… Or does that go under registering or things. But I haven’t emailed someone for fun that was my age in a few years. I think the last time I emailed someone was the coordinator for an activity I partook in and she was about 30 years older than me.
      9. How many books, on average, do you read in a year?
      I’m not illiterate just our books are on a screen now. Just because we have an easier way of accessing books does not my generation does not read books, that’s generalization. Also from 30-50 books per year.
      10. Have you ever read a paper copy of a newspaper?
      Last Sunday
      11. Do teenagers still spend hours talking on the phone? Or is it all texting/social media these days?
      I only talk to my parents or any other adult on the phone and only to my friends on phone when its gonna take too long to text. But yes texting and social media is an easier way for talking to my friends.
      12. What is your primary method of communication? Is it texting? Tweeting? Facebook? Something else?
      Texting for talking to my friends, tweeting for saying stuff when it pops your mind, facebook is dead no one uses it anymore(or at least myself and people I know don’t), Snapchats for silly photos Instagram for photos were you actually want to look decent and group chats, and Oovoo for group video chats
      13. What’s the best social media platform?
      Uhhhhhhh its a tie between Buzzfeed, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr, oops that like all of them
      14. Do you ever wish you’d lived without social media?
      NO! Only when it comes to cyberbullying I wish that there was no social media, but otherwise NO.
      15. Do you know what MSN is?
      An outdated new source and the company that runs hotmail
      16. Remember Myspace? Lol didn’t think so.
      17. Why are you guys ~so~ into Snapchat?
      Its just so much fun and its has cool filters. Its just a great app to use unless you send stuff to people who aren’t trustworthy.
      18. How do you get so many Instagram followers?
      I have less than 100 but we just follow people from our school or people we know and there are a lot of people that go to our school and that we know.
      19. What’s high school like these days?
      Pretty much the same as its always been just the people, technology, slang and clothes have changed.
      20. Do you guys still just like, hang out at the mall after school or whatever?
      There is no mall where I live, but we go to the local pizza place.
      21. Do you still drink Vodka Cruisers?
      No, I don’t drink alcohol, but I know people who drink 4Loko instead.
      22. Is the general consensus that smoking is cool or gross?
      Gross with cigarettes and weed, same with vaping. Just not a fan
      23. Did you have your first kiss when you were like 11 because movies are telling me that’s a thing now.
      I know people who have at 11 but no
      24. Are you all having orgies like TV would have me believe?
      25. How did you let high-waisted denim shorts become a thing?
      Because they are cute, how did you let jean capris happen?
      26. What are your thoughts on the Spice Girls?
      I like wannabe, oh and bonus I can name all of them, which I think is impressive considering not many people can name no more than Posh. But its Ginger, Baby, Sporty, Scary, and of course Posh!
      27. Do you watch horror movies like Scream the way I watched horror movies from the ’70s like “LOL this isn’t scary”?
      Not a fan of horror movies
      28. What TV shows are ~cool~ now? Please, I’d really like to know so I can be hip too.
      KUWTK, Modern Family, The Royals, Jane the Virgin, The Goldbergs, HTGAWM, The Mindy Project, Vanderpump Rules, Black-ish, Younger, Empire and Brooklyn 99
      29. What does “on fleek” actually mean?
      When your eyebrows look really good
      30. How do you come up with these amazing phrases?
      We’re just geniuses
      31. Do you have to carry around an abbreviation dictionary to keep on top of everything?
      No memorizing them is pretty easy
      32. WHAT DO THEY MEAN?
      Give me a list of which ones you want to know, I’ll tell
      33. Do you think bullying is worse with social media?
      Most definitely, I mean there are now laws against cyberbullying because of how bad its gotten for some people on social media. If there is a law against it, it means its pretty bad, but I mean social media is both a blessing and a curse.
      34. Do you think you’ve grown up faster because of the internet?
      Um kinda in some cases with like clothes and making adult decisions but otherwise no.

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