7 Websites To Get You Through The Week

As that famous saying goes: “A website a day keeps the doctor away”.

1. Monday

Monday is the day for catching up on the world that you shut out for the previous two days. BBC News is your go-to for local, national and international news. It’s also available in 27 languages including French, Swahili, Urdu and Spanish.

2. Tuesday

For the most bleugh day of the week, a pick-me-up in the form of this Tumblr account. Find a gif for every mood.

3. Wednesday

Follow TwopTwips on Twitter – full of useless tips to get you through a long Wednesday. My favourite is: “RECREATE that holiday feeling by wandering around Lidl in a bikini and flip flops. (via @LittleLora13)”

4. Thursday

Picture of the Day on Twister Sifter showcases some awesome photography from around the world.

5. Friday

Everyone needs an interesting topic for the weekend, so log on to WorldOMeters for “real time” world statistics. That way you can drop interesting facts into conversation, for example, “did you know that 5,732 new book titles have been published today alone?”

6. Saturday

Up your productivity on a Saturday with ideas and advice from Life Hacker.

7. Sunday

PostSecret is a blog curated by Frank Warren. It features anonymously-mailed postcards from all over the world and is updated every Sunday. The postcard content ranges from sad to optimistic, shocking to heartbreaking and funny to poignant.

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