24 Signs A Woman Wants To Sleep With You, According To Men

If she shows you her wrists, if she waters plants, or if she smells, it’s a sure thing. Apparently.

It seems today that a lot of men are confused because they “can’t tell” whether a woman wants to have sex with them or not.

Instead of, you know, asking a woman, a lot of men attempt to decode our “hidden” messages instead.

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So I decided to search for “signs a woman wants to have sex”. These are some of the absurd and depressing results, detailed in articles and blogs written by men.

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1. If she likes food.

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2. If she stays standing in the same place when you go to the bathroom.

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3. If she uses the phrase, “That is VERY interesting.”

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4. If she thinks.

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5. If she isn’t on her phone.

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6. If she wears revealing clothes.

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7. If she offers you gum.

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8. If she shows you her wrists.

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9. If she laughs at a joke and shows her teeth.

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10. If she’s been drinking.

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11. If she said she had a (insert positive adjective here) night.

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12. If she listens to rap or has a slimy cough.

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13. If she “puts herself in the position to get it”.

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14. If she smells.

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15. If she’s nervous, but not in a run-away-from-you kinda way.

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16. If she does the classic “triangle gaze”

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17. If she waters plants.

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18. If you can see her neck.

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19. If her leg is pointed towards you.

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20. If she watches wildlife on TV.

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21. If she punches you.

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22. If a button on her shirt is open.

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23. If she asks you who you voted for.

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24. If she isn’t holding hands with a friend.

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Rossalyn Warren is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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