The Queen of “Anti-Jihad’s” Glam Instagram

Pamela Geller is a prolific Instagrammer. Pink champagne, Rockettes, pedicures, and a Mitt Romney cameo.

“Huge thanks to the Queens Tea Party for hosting a fantastic event. Full house!”

“Fireplace + pink champagne = heaven #happy #NYCismyfavoriteplace”

“My new BFF - rollin with the homies :) #RadioCityMusicHall #rockettes #notangiesrightleg”

“My Thursday night :) #my peeps”

“Merry Christmas,freedom lovers! Pink champagne for everyone! #xoxo”

“Merry Christmas! MWAH! *clink*”

“Christmas in NYC, no place I’d rather be #merrychristmas”

“Happy Thanksgiving! Give it up for my boots! #thankful #thighhighs”

“Occupy vs Tea Party - the face says it all #reasonvsirrational #logicvsfantasy #thinkvsfeel”

“Good times! Geller, Gohmert, Gingrich”

“Carline Glick, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Pamela Geller #freedom”

“Scores of anti-jihad ads going up in NYC and beyond-thanx to u -thousands donated! #savage #mysubwayad”

“America - I love huh!”

“#proudcivilizedman #freedom #mysubwayad Truth is the recognition of reality”

“#freedom #mysubwayad #proudcivilizedman

“#miccheck! Bots repeating #ows barker propaganda #jewhatred us imperialism!”

“The fountainhead - full on embrace publicity shot - must see #aynrand #howardroark”

“Media jackals #selfenforcingsharia #counterjihad #Stockholm”

“I want the Crusader special!”

“This is my cone! Think its sloppy? You should see my face! #noyoucanthavealick”

“Mitt Romney, Pamela Geller NRO Summit 2007”

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