Village Voice Writer: Gay Republicans Like “Jewish Nazis”

On his blog, nightlife writer Michael Musto calls the gay Republican group GOProud traitors for endorsing Romney. UPDATE: LaSalvia: “Have you seen Michael Musto lately? We aren’t going to take serious political advice from a human Muppet.”

Jimmy LaSalvia and Christopher Barron, of GOProud.

Michael Musto, the Village Voice’s longtime nightlife columnist, wrote on his blog today that the gay Republican group GOProud are like “Jewish Nazis” or “Black Klan members” because of their endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Musto writes:

So, here’s to you and your bizarre contradictions, GoProud.

You’re like Jewish Nazis!

Black Klan members!

Women who campaign for Rush Limbaugh

Mexican Republicans!

Roaches who moonlight as exterminators!

Blech, go away.

Many in the gay community have criticized GOProud for the endorsement; Musto follows advice columnist Dan Savage in calling out GOProud in a particularly controversial manner. Savage tweeted last week, “The GOP’s house faggots grab their ankles, right on cue. Pathetic.”

“I have no doubt as to the effectiveness of my argument,” Musto tweeted a few minutes ago.

GOProud’s leaders Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron did not immediately return a request for comment.

UPDATE: LaSalvia responds:

Have you seen Michael Musto lately? We aren’t going to take serious political advice from a human Muppet. Musto should stick to writing gossip pieces about Lindsay Lohan, and leave politics to the professionals.

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