South Africans Hate Racism, Love Dogs

South African President Jacob Zuma claimed that owning dogs is part of “white culture.” Black South Africans have been posting portraits and odes to their dogs on Twitter in response. posted on

Just got off the phone with the bf. He's feeding his dogs & cats spending some quality time with them. *As I forward him that Zuma article*

This is from the General Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, who the Mail & Guardian identifies as “one of Zuma’s greatest critics of late.”

#Zuma" target="_blank">">#Zuma my famly has owned dogs and cats for centuries. JZ we dnt stay in Sandton

Zuma needs a history check as the Africanis breed of dogs have been the companion's of Southern Africa's San Bushmen since 800 AD...

I'm a dog lover & I love my dalmation, Romeo. He is practically part of my family. I've had 2 labradors before & yes Mr President I'm BLACK!

Our Ancestors used dogs for hunting, even long before the white man came.…" target="_blank">">…

A photo of a young Nelson Mandela with his dog circulated:

As well as a photo of President Obama with his dog, Bo.

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