Alex Jones Follower Viciously Trolls Polling Firm For Not Polling For Infowars

Unskewed? Public Policy Polling a “biased, New World Order-friendly polling organization.”

A disgruntled follower of conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones left an memorable voicemail with Democratic-leaning polling firm Public Policy Polling today.

Sounding almost exactly like the comic book store clerk from The Simpsons, the anonymous Infowars fan accuses PPP of being a “a biased New World Order-friendly polling organization” and alleges: “The whole country is talking about how you wont do a survey about the TSA because you’re unhappy about!”

“Information for you: more people read Infowars than most mainstream media sites at this point.”

Adopting a sarcastic tone, the man asks why PPP hasn’t done a survey about the TSA (“because your globalist puppet-masters wouldn’t like the results?”).

The man ends on a defiant note. “Fuck you, fuck Obama, fuck Mitt Romney, fuck the NWO.”

PPP tweeted out the voicemail, adding that Infowars had asked it to conduct polls before:

When we told Infowars that we wouldn’t poll for them they said, ‘but Zogby does’ #notjoking— PublicPolicyPolling

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