20 Signs You Are Accidentally Dating Your Best Friend

Is she the PB to your J? Find out with these 20 tell-tale signs that your womance is bordering on relationship territory.

1. You call each other pet names

… Babe, beautiful, sweetheart, boo, honey, the list goes on - you name it.

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2. Some people actually think you’re dating

… And it doesn’t even bother you as much as it probably should.

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3. Because you’ve probably pretended to be dating before anyway

… Whenever you’re asked about romantic prospects or want to get rid of a creepy guy at the bar.

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4. You share a lot

… Clothes, food, drinks, boys, germs, and other things you probably shouldn’t admit to sharing…

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5. People tell you that you’re cute

… But you know there’s a good chance they also think you’re weird.

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6. It probably doesn’t help that you cuddle on the regular

… But who cares what other people think when you have the perfect big spoon to hold you?

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7. And it definitely doesn’t help that you celebrate holidays together

… But Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same with anyone else.

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8. You regularly schedule and plan dates

… That are more romantic than ones you’ve gone on with boyfriends. Couples massage, anyone?

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9. You could write a multivolume book series for your inside jokes

… And there still wouldn’t be enough room for all of them.

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10. You’re very, very comfortable around each other

… No pants are the best pants, right?

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11. She’s your go-to shoulder to cry on

… And you have never felt so safe being so vulnerable.

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12. You either live together or have seriously considered it

… Because imagine all the fun you’d have. And who else would you rather wake up to?

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13. You have each other’s and each other’s parent’s numbers memorized

… And she’s listed as ICE in your phone.

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14. She’s your go to partner in crime by night

… And going out without her just isn’t the same.

ID: 3040265

15. And she’s your go-to study buddy by day

… Even though it’s not always the most productive way to study.

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16. You trust her with all of your heart

… And you know you can count on her to hold your hair back, get you home safe, really anything you could ever need.

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17. You imagine her by your side on your big day

… And you’re already mentally collecting notes for your own maid of honor toast.

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18. And you know your kids are going to be best friends

… Do they have a choice?

ID: 3040276

19. She makes forever seem short

… Because now that you’ve found her, you can’t imagine living another day without her #soulsisters.

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20. And most of all, you’re smiling and/or laughing pretty hard right now

… Because far too many of these signs reminded you of her. Well, what’re you waiting for? Go on, tell her you love her and post this on her facebook wall; after all, it’s not like you two have ever thought twice about #excessivePDA.

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