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    • Rockyy

      While the article is nitpicking and at some parts obnoxious, some of it is kind of true. You don’t realise how off putting or rude it can be when other customers shout over you while you’re taking an order from someone else claiming they’ve been waiting ages or they were first, they need to be served next etc. When they start waving their arms and hands about, generally in your face that’s when it goes beyond irritating and makes you not want to serve them at all. Even more so when they claim they’ve been waiting over half an hour but have really been stood there about 10 minutes, or worse refer to you as ‘baby’ ‘darling’ or start giving youareal creepy look which in their drunk mind is their sexiest pulling face. Sometimes it goes beyond busy that you really can’t determine who’s been there the longest but you try your best to do your job as quickly as you can. Drunk people are idiots and until you get behindabar yourself (depending on the type of bar of course) you will never really realise it.

      As for annoying drinks, its true that there will always be one or two drinks that aren’t your favourites to serve people. AsIdon’t work inacocktail barIimagine experience will differ but inabusy night there’s nothing worse than people ordering pints of guiness especially at the end of their order. It takes ages to settle to be able to top up properly, keeps other customers waiting that bit longer and makes me look slow finishing your order when really it should have been ordered first or preferably not at all.