25 Things That Will Make You Remember Summer As A Kid

If you miss spending your days lazing in the sun, riding your bike, and having water gun fights, this is for you. Recapture some of those good feelings with Doritos and Pepsi Max. Together they are an awesome way to Rock Your Summer.

3. Family Vacations

5. Saturday Morning Cartoons

6. And then watching TV all afternoon long because there was no school!

8. Scary stories around the campfire

9. Running through sprinklers

10. Running barefoot in the grass

13. Sleeping in

14. Playing video games all day

15. Playing ball in the street

Or a vacant lot!

16. The ice cream truck jingle

17. Riding a scooter

18. Family barbeques

20. Building sandcastles

21. Getting burried in the sand

22. Playing with noodles in the pool

25. Playing the floor is lava on the playground!

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